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After the Jump (60.5 x 60.5 cm)

This refreshing painting of the drop zone at Aratula, shows a satisfied parachutist watching other jumpers about to land.

In many of his paintings, the artist placed the main subjects at key point on the canvasses, similar to the points when measured according to the Golden Sector, a theory based on the study of balance and appeal to the human eye. Here the principal subject is placed on the canvas at a point in the mid-section, right of centre. His canopy spreads across the top of the lower third section of the painting.

The main colours in the painting are the three primary colours on the colour wheel, red, blue and yellow. Yellow-orange colours have been softly tinted and dabbed on the canvas to create a grass flow across the foreground and mid-section. Simple, curved brushstrokes have been arranged neatly on the canvas to form the colourful red and blue canopy. The mid-section of the painting has a line of trees flowing gently across a smooth ridge, and this separates the blue mountains of Cunningham’s Gap from the foreground. The transition from the mid tones of the mountains to the softly blended sky gives an effect of aerial perspective or visual depth.

The jumpers about to land on the airstrip add action to the painting.

The painting is well balanced and there is smooth line and shape. Attention has been paid to detail. Notice the stance of the parachutist, the shadow of the tree and the wind blowing the wind sock.

The mood is a happy one. The artist enjoyed many happy hours at Aratula skydiving with his friends.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown. (Cleaned and framed. Minor adjustment made to skydiver.)

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