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Backyard Philosophy (60 x 91 cm)

The old, wooden, country church buildings with their Christian crosses, hold memories for many people. In most communities when settlement commenced, having a community church was high on the list of priorities, and the settler’s took pride in their accomplishments. Usually surrounded by gardens, and often containing a cemetery for deceased members, they were places to gather for worship and thanksgiving, interact with the locals, and have a chat and a cuppa after a hard week’s work.

The artist placed the old church on the right hand side of the canvas to allow space for the cemetery on the left. Note the pine trees. They have been associated with church steeples, because they point to heaven. The roof’s architecture with the golden cross confirm this.

Colours in this painting are very natural. The wood on the building looks real, and reflects light coming from the right side of the painting. Visual depth has been achieved, as the artist has manipulated colours. The bright, yellow-green grass in the foreground sweeps backwards for two thirds of the painting where it graduates into mid tones, and meets the hazy skyline and softly blended sky.

The artist paid attention to detail. Notice the stairs going into the foyer of the church, and the ‘stippling’ of paint representing the flower laden old fountain.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown.

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