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Bird Of Prey (44 x 60 cm)

This semi-abstract, acrylic painting was completed earlier in the artist’s career, (1980).

From what appears to be totally unrelated, freely applied, curved and straight lines of paint, a bird’s beak appears. By outlining a bird shape, the artist has brought meaning to the painting. The bird is the main focus of the painting but one’s eye keeps drifting to the thick, whitish, multi-curved line on the left hand side. Perhaps this represents a living creature and this is what the bird is about to consume?

There is a fusion of soft colour in some parts of the painting, and the bright yellow block of paint in the lower right hand corner gives the painting some energy. There is layering of transparent, thin paint and some thicker paint has been applied to add texture. Whilst the overall tone in this painting is soft, the bird with a sharp beak causes some disturbance to the mood. The ‘white light’ highlights the blue tones that seem to recede into the distance. Several touches of ‘yellow’ throughout the painting give balance and assist the viewer’s eye in travelling around the canvas. What does the black spot of paint represent?

The artist was free to express himself in this painting and it appears he enjoyed himself in doing so.

Acrylic on Masonite, 1980. (Cleaned and framed.)

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