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Hope on the Hill (44 x 21.5 cm)

This very clever, semi-abstract painting has cerebral impact on the viewer.

There is an excellent flood of light that flows across the canvas. The artist has used brushstrokes in such a manner, as to give a suggestion of lateral perspective. Shapes that seem to represent buildings and gardens take up the top half of the painting. On the right hand side, an illuminated cross of Christ has been placed high above the scenery. This suggests the scene may be a Christian convention centre.

Observing from a distance, a human figure, possibly female, looks across at the cross. Her stance indicates she is observing and thinking about its message.

The artist has used a mixed, complementary colour palette, with tints and shades of blue and red-violet/purple, and soft yellow as the principal colours. The interesting brush strokes, circular, curved, straight, short, dabbed etc. keep the painting interesting. Transparent, yellow paint applied with a flat, square brush give the painting a hazy appearance.

The painting is textured, and the speed in which the application of paint was applied, means there was little overworking.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown.

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