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Four young ladies doing their skydiving training at the Ramblers Drop Zone visited the Whatmore Art Gallery. One of the girls, named Hannah, is a budding artist. The other girls were Bella, Mia and Rain. After their visit to the gallery Hannah brought her paints and brushes out and gave the others an art lesson. See their results below and read their remarks after visiting the gallery.

L-R Mia, Hannah and Bella

Rain Yang. Nothing is cooler than being a skydiver and also a painter!! Love your world so much. (Painting: Copy of Whatmore's Dark Journey).

Bella Zhlo. I draw first painting after travelling (to) the gallery. I love the gallery, it inspired me!


Zhang Zhen. I saw his paintings gave trees soul. It was also first time I saw skydiving and painting combined and I saw the world of a skydiving artist. It shocked me! (Painting: Copy of Whatmore's Together).

Hannah Wyles. There is an energy around each painting that ignited a fire within myself to start painting again. 
Although I never met Phil, I feel like I do (know him) after experiencing the beautiful and moving collection saved and preserved by David. It feels like a true honour to have been able to walk through the gallery. What a remarkable way to keep a legend alive.

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