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Abstract Skydiver (45 x 36 cm)

This very clever, semi-abstract painting has cerebral impact on the viewer.

In order to enhance the viewing experience, the artist strategically placed the profile of the main subject, the skydiver on the right, close to a point across the canvas, according to the Golden Sector rule (8:5). The mathematical ratio is commonly found in nature, and is regarded as a principle of good structure and design.

The artist layered thin mixes of paint to build up the surface of the canvas to give a soft textured look. The colour blue appropriately represents the sky, and different tints and shades of blue have been used to highlight different parts of the painting. Blue and green are harmonious colours, and touches of green, yellow and soft pastels were painted around the canvas to hold the painting together.

There are several elements, and symbols, in the composition that are thought provoking. Firstly, on the left there is an eye. It may not only represent the importance of enjoying the bird’s eye view of the scenery below, but also the importance of keeping an eye on what is happening around oneself, throughout the skydiving experience. Secondly, the eye seems to be adjacent to a flow of frothy, blue tinted colour that may represent the flow of air, and the sense of freedom that the skydiver feels on free falling. Perhaps the softly tinted blue area represents a human nose? Does a skydiver have to look down his/her nose to make sure that the jump to mother earth ends safely on target? Thirdly, there is the skydiver’s head on the right that may represent the necessity of thinking carefully, and using one’s brain during a jump. Finally, there is the smaller skydiver in the left foreground about to commence a competition jump called ‘style’.

When looking from a distance, the mid-section also resembles a skiing slope, and both skydiving and skiing are exhilarating sports.

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Unknown member
Apr 11, 2023

Just the best Painting

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