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Bay Side Outlook 58 x 40.5 cm

This seascape portrays the relaxed lifestyle choice of many Australians.

The artist used an unusual ‘Z’ pattern in composing this painting. There is repetition of horizontal lines, and a diagonal street verge that lengthens the mid-section. This gives an illusion of visual depth. The bright, yet soft pastel foreground tone, that is repeated in the distant hills on the skyline, further emphasize this.

The principal subject, the bike rider, is well placed in the lower third of the painting, off centre to the right, and draws the viewer’s attention. The large tree on the right, and the staircase rail on the left, help balance the painting.

Even light is spread over the whole seascape, suggesting it is close to midday. The bitumen reflects light, as does the gum tree and the staircase rail. The yellow-green colour of the verges adds energy to the painting.

The artist used smooth paint blending for the roadway and the tree. Numerous, short brush strokes and colourful dabs of paint have been applied to create an interesting mid-section, where houses and trees lead to the sparkling ocean. Specks of white paint have been dotted on the water to give it a textured, natural appearance.

The painting is made lifelike through the use of appropriate colour combinations, including bright white paint for the rails and street curb. Attention has been paid to detail, especially on the bike and its rider’s clothing.

The mood of the painting is a pleasant one.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown. Probably early career. (Cleaned and framed.)

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