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Beautiful (46.5 x 61.5 cm)

When creating this painting the artist had a strong sense of the subject, a beautiful female parachutist. He painted her face as showing expression.

She has been placed carefully on the canvas so that the viewer’s focus rests on her eyes. Light is reflected on the woman’s smooth, soft face, causing it to glow with a gentle expression. The almost fuchsia colours, and touches of gold in her jumpsuit, add to the delicate richness of the painting. The artist has given her blue goggles and painted lips, and these features are common to many of the artist’s other paintings.

Smooth line and blending on the subject’s face and helmet, together with strong colours that contrast, give unusual harmony and energy to the painting.

Although the mood is one of calmness, the skydivers falling from the sky in the background add a feeling of excitement.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown. (Cleaned and framed. Slight alteration in framing.)

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