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Blue Abstract (61 x 46 cm)

This colourful, abstract painting has a cosmic feel because of its interesting mixture of geometric shapes, and liberating, swirling brushstrokes.

Swift, repeated, rotating brushstrokes give a sense of movement and musical harmony.

The powerful primary colour, yellow, has been placed at the central point in the composition, and guides the viewer’s eye to meet the vortex where it seems a blue-green, leg-like creature is about to be consumed. According to a colour therapist, yellow makes us feel happy, optimistic and free. It symbolises joy and hope. In this painting this colour is in deep contrast to the thinly applied black-violet and dark blue strokes in the background.

The artist’s freedom of expression is evident in this painting and it is reminiscent of Russian artist, Wassily Kandinsky’s musical creations. Was he listening to music as he painted?

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown, probably 1980s. (Cleaned and framed.)

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