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Boat People (88 x 60 cm)

This *‘portaricature’, (fusion of portrait and caricature) of a boat person, was in obvious landscape design prior to framing, so the original perspective has been slightly altered.

The principal subject, the person, has been placed just off centre on the canvas. The little boats have also been painted in the central section of the canvas, on the sea, either side of the person.

The artist used the ‘rule of thirds’ in this painting and there is some aerial perspective, as the sky is much lighter in colour than the foreground. Though the sea is blue and appears further away than the subject, who appears quite close, there is little transitioning of sea colour as it recedes towards the sky.

The boat person has enlarged facial features, but they are less exaggerated than most of the facial features in other ‘portraits’ painted by the artist. Probably a woman, (note the earrings), the boat person looks happy and has a lovely expression on her face.

The artist used lots of touches of yellow and pastel coloured paints for her clothes, and this is typical of his style. The strokes of green harmonise well with the blue sea as both colours are cool colours. The stippled dots in the sky are reminiscent of van Gogh’s stars, but perhaps here they represent drops of water. This painting is slightly textured, and the running white drop of paint is one of two. (The other was removed in framing.) The running drops were the result of the artist using thin white paint to softly circle two blue dots in the upper part of the painting. They may have been meant to represent tears, as the artist painted ‘eyes’ on many of his canvasses.

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