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Boat Ride (60 x 44 cm)

In this unusual, semi-abstract painting, the artist painted various layers of different colours, including white, on the canvas, and then used a large, round, evenly-loaded brush to swirl mixed paint colours on its surface. This has resulted in a visual, almost musical delight.

The technique of folding paints so that colours fall from the bristles naturally, and mix themselves, means that the paint does the work. It provides light and shade in the same stroke.

The swirling harmony of the upper two thirds of this canvas, is offset splendidly by the deep blue colour of the boat and the water in the lower section of the painting. By applying the strongest and thickest paint last, the tones and colours adjust and the painting is pulled together. The colour blue is a cool colour, and when used with green it has a calming effect, though little green is visible in this painting. The yellow and reddish colours stimulate the senses.

The painting seems balanced and the techniques used by the artist have resulted in a harmonious painting with aesthetic appeal.

Perhaps the couple in the blue boat are looking at the coloured sands of Rainbow Beach?

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown. (Cleaned and framed.)

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