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Creek Crossing (45.5 x 60.5 cm)

The artist used composition rules and impressionistic brush techniques, to achieve a positive result in this ‘not so easy to do’, bush landscape.

The viewer’s eye is drawn to the pool of water at the side of the creek. As well as being a water supply for thirsty animals, it probably is a swimming hole, or a place for people to ‘paddle’ on a hot day. Tracks around the waterhole are visible, and they wind into the bush. This gives a sense of visual depth.

The artist loved to use yellow-green colours because they show reflected light. Yellow is a colour that is said to express joy, and green is said to express renewal and new life. By using these colours, together with the soft blue-aqua colours used for the water, the artist has created a very harmonious painting. The light on the water also reflects the colours of the plants, and leaves of the trees. Soft, stippled brush touches of violet-red, blue tints and yellow colours have been placed throughout the painting to add shadow and small details.

The mood is tranquil and the scene is inviting. Compare this with Creek Road in this section.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown. (Very slight enhancement during restoration.)

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