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Dark Eyes (44 x 30 cm)

In this semi-abstract painting of a lady, the artist has used an analogous, complementary colour palette, (colours side by side and opposite on the colour wheel), with purple/violet as the mother colour.

The canvas has been roughly divided into thirds and the lady’s face is the main focus, though the viewer’s eye does drift to the item hanging on the back wall. To offset her dark eyes, softly tinted colours have been used for her face and hair. These colours have been applied swiftly with a round brush. In order to avoid monotony, the artist has also applied repeated, horizontal brushstrokes on the right side of the canvas.

Note the lady’s large, slightly untidy, red lips. This is the artist’s ‘signature’ on many of his ‘people’ paintings.

Whilst there is light coming from the right, the artist has outlined the subject’s face in a dark colour. This challenges the viewer’s thinking, as to how a face on a flat plane can be profiled simultaneously.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown, probably late career. (Cleaned and framed.)

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