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Dog in a Paddock (91.5 x 61 cm)

The artist loved the Australian bush, and this is one of his uncomplicated, traditional landscapes.

The composition is in thirds laterally. At first glance the viewer sees the bright, yellow-green, central section where a stand of cropped, white gums frame the canvas. However, the eye is drawn to the foreground where a dog stands alone.

The artist has manipulated colours so that there is an illusion of visual depth. By placing orange colours, with darker dabs of paint in the foreground and central section, the artist made this part of the painting look like it is quite close to the viewer. The central, vivid, green section, leads the eye to the ridge further back, where the colours transition into almost invisible, pastel coloured mountains, and a hazy sky. The painting is infused with soft light. However, there is a hint of a blue summer sky.

The short, angled dabs of paint on the canvas in the foreground, are in contrast to the smoothly blended paint and long, straight brushstrokes used for the gum tree trunks and the clouds.

This painting is quite different to the artist’s other paintings, as it is not as bold and rich. Notice how the dog is looking at the viewer.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown. (Cleaned and framed. Reshaped in framing, and slight restoration.)

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