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In this Australian seascape, a child having fun with a beach ball grabs the viewer’s attention. It’s a quiet beach, and it probably is the ‘off’ season of the year. Even, soft light covers the canvas, and the shadows are small and soft. The green growth on the headland reflects in the calm water.

The artist used the ‘rule of thirds’ in composing the painting, and placed the child just off centre in the central section, to enhance the viewing experience.

Cool green and blue colours harmonise well, give the painting a sense of order and they provide a calming effect. Red colours in the umbrellas are in contrast to the green colours of the trees, and they interact favourably with each other. ‘Stippled’ green, yellow, red and orange brushstrokes in the foreground are used for vines and plants and this section frames the lower part of the canvas.

The sand on the beach is soft and natural, and shows the footprints of the beachgoers. Attention has been paid to detail throughout the painting. The sky is softly blended and silhouettes the trees on the top of the point. Towards the horizon, sail boats dot the water in the bay.

In this painting, the artist captured the relaxing mood of the day. Compare this with similar paintings in Anything Ocean and Anything Else – Private Collection.

Acrylic on Masonite, early career. (Cleaned and framed. Minor detail enhanced during restoration.)

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