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Entering the Danger Zone (60 x 44 cm)

The artist used a variety of brush techniques to produce the effect of a scrubbed and layered background in this painting. Using both hard and soft bristled brushes, and possibly a palette knife, he manipulated thick and thin paint and ‘rolled’ his brush in parts, to produce minute forms.

Violet, purple and yellow hues and tints have been applied alternately with darker shades of colour. This tonal effect also gives some visual depth. The colours work well together as they are complementary colours, i.e. colours opposite each other on the colour wheel.

The main focus is the transparent, lemon coloured fish with a blue eye that has been well placed on the canvas. It certainly looks gullible, and is indeed a very brave fish to be swimming in these uncharted waters.

Vertical brushstrokes of lemon tints, on the right side of the painting, represent light rays. They help balance the painting, and provide a positive feeling.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown.

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