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Fast Ride (61 x 46 cm)

The artist certainly loved dogs. Here, in this painting he portrays Rusty, his dog, looking out the side of a vehicle. The wind is blowing his hair and ears flat. Rusty is smiling widely, as only a dog going for a ride knows how.

The dog’s face is the main focus of the painting. However, the eye travels around the canvas and views the window winder that is painted the same colour as the window frame, and some of the clouds in the sky. By repeating a colour a few times around a canvas, the artist enhances the viewing experience. It also helps balance the painting, and keeps it ‘fluid’.

On closer inspection, the viewer sees the flat mountain, the lovely row of rich green trees that are probably growing along a creek bank, and a bright, yellow-green meadow. The rows of colour, and varying hues separating the darker foreground from the sky, aid in giving the painting an effect of visual depth or aerial perspective.

The artist used mixed brush strokes, and he placed trees on both sides of the canvas to keep the painting well balanced. Attention has been paid to detail, especially the dog’s teeth and eye.

The mood of the painting is a very happy one. That’s because smiling Rusty makes it that way.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown.

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