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Fish Tank (46 x 30 cm)

This magnificently coloured painting shows several types of fish swimming in a fish tank.

The bright, blue hue of the larger fish is predominant in the painting, but this fish does not steal the scene, as the smaller orange fish looks like it is being chased by the larger fish. The artist has created tension, interest and suspense in this painting.

Simultaneous contrast has been achieved by using these two opposite colours, (blue and orange), on the colour wheel, and they interact favourably with each other. Softer tints and darker shades of the same colours are spread around the canvas and they keep the painting ‘fluid’. Blue-purple and yellow-green colours give an overall cool feeling to the painting. One small purple fish also has touches of the same bright blue, further adding to the balance of the painting.

A further point of interest is the dark, vertical section on the left side of the canvas that is in contrast to the lighter coloured, right side of the canvas. Also, the blue-black circle in the lower right hand corner seems to be telling the viewer that something important is happening inside its centre.

The artist used both soft and hard bristled brushes to create this canvas, and the layering of paints gives it a textured look. This is a very dramatic, musical painting. There’s detail, lots of colour harmony, and there is movement in this painting. It has aesthetic appeal.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown.

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