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Fish Tank Figurine (61 x 45.4 cm)

The artist has concentrated on aesthetics in this imaginative, semi-abstract painting where a figure representing a woman, possibly a mermaid, floats in a fish tank.

The aqua-blue water is teeming with fish and fish like shapes. However, they do not intrude on the space around the figurine thus allowing her form to be clearly seen. The artist has highlighted her body to emphasize her importance.

Her golden hair is in contrast to the aqua-blue water and her skin tones are repeated in dabs of paint around the canvas.

Layers upon layers of transparent strokes have been applied to give the painting a textured appearance though the paints themselves are quite thin. The canvas itself appears to have been ‘scrubbed’.

In order to achieve visual harmony in his paintings the artist applied ‘rules’ and in this painting he has placed the face (nose) of the figurine at the ‘golden section’ of the canvas, that is at a point of 8:5, both vertically and laterally.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown. (Cleaned and framed.)

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