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Fish Tank Observer (60 x 44 cm)

Fish Tank Observer is a popular choice of favourite paintings amongst many of the artist’s friends.

Another of the artist’s paintings, Fish Fingers, in this section, shows a lady that has a fish in the front of her blue gown. She also has porcelain features, and the viewer may wonder if the artist is using the same woman as his subject.

In this exciting painting, the woman is studying a myriad of fish, floating around the tank. The tank contents are very detailed, with lots of coloured dots and dabs and fish shapes. The artist has placed the subject’s head with yellow hair, and three fish that are similarly coloured, in the middle section of the painting. This helps the viewer’s eye to focus on the woman and travel around the canvas. It keeps the painting ‘fluid’.

The woman’s stance is very interesting. Her feminine features are outlined well, and her skin tones contrast with the dark background.

Green has been chosen for the largest fish that presents itself closest to the viewer. The colour harmony created by the blue and green colours is in fitting with the cool water of the fish tank.

The artist has placed a great deal of thought into planning this well-balanced painting.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown. (Cleaned and framed.)

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