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Live Class (85 x 58 cm)

A photograph does not do this painting justice. This very vivid painting of a live art class, is very interesting. One would think the artist should be with the other attendees, but no, he is at the front, painting the model and the other artists.

Painting nudes was not the artist’s ‘thing’. However, he has done an excellent job in portraying his message. The yellowish skin tones of the principal subject, the leggy, curvaceous model, is in stark contrast to the dark, almost black background. Secondary subjects, (the artists), have been placed near their palettes and each has been colour co-ordinated. There is a very large clock on the wall, warning that art classes have a time limit, and the model is being paid.

The painting has been roughly broken into thirds. The artist has positioned the model just off centre, to help guide the viewer’s focus. The yellow/gold colours in the sections on the left and right sides of the top third of the painting, have been repeated around the room. This repetition of colour balances the painting, and assists the viewer’s eye in travelling around the painting. It appears as if the lightbulb in the room is shedding yellow light.

Harmonious colours, orange/yellow, blue/green, red/violet have been used in sections of the painting, e.g. blue/green on the back wall, orange/yellow on the clock, and red/violet on the stool. The artist used smooth brushstrokes and blending of paint in this indoor scene. He paid attention to minor details.

The mood of the painting is very cheery, as the yellow colour gives it energy, and a feeling of enjoyment.

Acrylic on Masonite, later career. (Cleaned and framed.)

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