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Man and Koala (44 x 60 cm)

The subject of this very colourful *‘portaricature’ (a fusion of portrait and caricature) is unknown. He possibly was a tourist visiting Australia, and the koala in his arms was making him feel welcome.

Initially, the viewer sees the principal subject’s hidden eyes, and then is led around the painting to meet the large eyes of the secondary subject, the koala. Exaggerated facial features, especially eyes, are the artist’s ‘signatures’ in his works.

Green and blue, cool colours, harmonize and are used on over half the canvas. Blue blends well with the silver touches on the koala’s fur, and the man’s alizarin coloured hair matches the colour of his sunglasses. Soft touches of colour have been added to the trees in the background. Lines and shapes are neat and smooth. The artist used a controlled hand when painting this canvas.

The mood is a happy one, as indicated by the man’s smiling lips and the expression of pleasure in the koala’s eyes.

The painting has been carefully composed, and the artist had a strong sense of his subjects when he formed them on the canvas.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown. (Cleaned and framed.)

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