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Michelle – Private

In this acrylic, ‘blue’ painting of the 1980s, to support his unique *‘portaricature’ (fusion of portrait and caricature) style, the artist created naturalistic sky light effects through colour choice, and post-impressionistic brush techniques.

The artist used strong line for the stainless-steel connection links on Michelle’s jumpsuit and the plane’s interior. This, along with stippled and swirling brush strokes, is in contrast to the blended light on the window. Skydivers can be seen in the distance. The painting has a sense of movement and some atmospheric perspective, or visual depth.

The gold and orange altimeter adds interest, and the wide-eyed parachutist, Michelle, speaks to us. The artist enjoyed placing wind in her hair and anticipation in her eyes, thus portraying his subject as an excited, safe study about to embark into blue skies.

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