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Mt Walker Series No 5 – Near Beaudesert (61 x 46 cm)

The artist enjoyed painting South East Queensland landscapes, because that is where he lived.

In composing this painting, he allowed for lots of space in the foreground. Almost two thirds of the painting consists of grass.

Initially, the viewer’s eye makes contact with the dead tree in the foreground. This leads the eye to the distant tree on the right, and the upward sweep of the grass on the ridge above the creek. This is the central focus of the painting. Notice the banks where water has eroded the soil. This section has been placed between the tree on the right and the two trees on the left. The trees strengthen the composition, and together with the fallen tree in the foreground, form a triangle that pulls the painting together. This creates healthy tension in the painting and gives it balance.

The brushwork consists of lots of dabs and ‘stipples’. There is soft blending in the sky.

Perhaps an animal would make the scene even more interesting.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown. (Cleaned and framed. Shadow added to fallen tree during restoration.)

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