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Mt Walker Series No 8 - Flat Mountain (60 x 42 cm)

This is one of several Australian landscapes depicting Mt Walker, in South East Queensland.

The focal point of the painting is the running creek that flows through the central section of the painting. It reflects the blue sky that is dappled with soft cloud. The upright tree trunks also reflect light from their red and blue tinted, satin like trunks. The trees have been ‘cropped’, and cropping was a common painting technique used during the Impressionist movement.

If one looks carefully, the creek can be seen further up amongst the trees, and that suggests this painting was completed not long after heavy rain. A flat mountain stands guard in the distance. It has been placed just off centre, near one of the four ‘eyes’ of the canvas, and this is visually pleasing. The painting is balanced.

By using yellow-green colours for the grassy banks and ridges in the foreground, energy has been created. Smoothly blended, soft yellow paint in the central upper section separates the lighter tones in the sky, from the stronger, bolder colours in the foreground. This gives a sense of distance.

Techniques used in this painting include ‘stippling’ of paint, and are similar to those used by artists from the French and Australian Impressionist movements. The artists studied the play of light on the landscape, and portrayed its changing effects on their canvasses.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown. (Cleaned and framed. Slight enhancement of signature and trees during restoration.)

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