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My Zone (91.5 x 61 cm)

This profile painting of a thoughtful skydiver has mild energy. Yellow and vivid blue, (primary colours), work well together. The result of their combination is the colour green, and that has been used to highlight the chin strap of the helmet and the jumpsuit.

The composition ‘rule of thirds’ has been applied vertically and laterally, and the face, especially the eye, draws attention, as it almost rests on one of the four ‘eyes’ of the canvas. A controlled hand has created smooth shapes and curved lines of paint. The skin tone is effective and blending is soft.

The skydivers in the background are realistic.

Note the eye on the back of the skydiver’s jumpsuit. This is similar to the eye on the back of the skydiver in Moonlighters, another painting in Anything Skydiving. The artist placed eyes on many of his paintings and they may be considered as his ‘signature’ on his paintings.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown. (Cleaned and framed. Lips and small skydiver enhanced.)

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