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Next Generation (45 x 61 cm)

In this unusual, acrylic painting the artist uses well- blended, pastel colours. There are soft, ochre and pink tints on the textured wall, and multi-coloured, blooming flowers in the garden. Soft blue is used on the window/door, and a darker blue on the inside of the pram.

A little animal adds interest to the painting, and sits obediently in the background. Once again, the yellow-green colour is used for the street verge, and is in contrast to the warm, softly tinted concrete. Strong colours outline the pram in which the occupant, who seems to look a little like the person pushing the pram, enjoys the stroll on a sunny day.

Is this a boy or a girl in the pram? What do you think?

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown. (Cleaned and framed.)

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30 may 2023
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I love this painting

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30 may 2023
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