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Old Queenslander – Early Work No 1 (79.5 x 45.5 cm)

This is one of the artist’s earlier works. The abandoned or poorly maintained home, with fading paint on the roof, is typical of very old Australian homes. Many homes in rural Australia were abandoned as drought forced farmers from the land. However, younger generations may own their old ‘family’ properties but reside in newer homes, not too far away. It often is difficult to make a living from one farm property in modern times.

The painting is heavily textured and rich in earth tones. The dabbing and layering of paint gives a rough appearance. Smooth, angled brush strokes are used for the slats, and smooth blending is used for the iron roof. The artist used a hard brush to apply paint to the roof section of the canvas so it appears textured.

Plants (probably weeds) are well placed in the lower third section of the painting, and they are appropriate in size. Some aerial perspective has been achieved by using light colours for the sky and darker colours for the foreground.

The mood of the painting is sombre and nostalgic.

Acrylic on Masonite, early 1970s. (Repaired and framed.)

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