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Outback Traveller (61 x 45.5 cm)

This dynamic abstract painting has a ‘3D feel’, and it is as if someone is looking through the window of a train. Is this where modern technology (a train) meets the natural environment?

The painting contains several geometric shapes and a hint of Cubism. This suggests that the artist may have been attempting an exercise in Vorticism (Wyndam Lewis (1882 – 1957)).

Initially the viewer’s eye connects with the whitish shape, (similar to sunglasses), in the middle of the painting and then it floats to the other shapes. The vibrant colours in the painting are similar to Australian outback colours, where blue sky and orange soil complement each other. The colours when used together stimulate the viewer’s senses. The bright yellow colour adds energy to the painting.

The compositional ‘rule of thirds’ has been applied, and makes for easy viewing. Some aerial perspective or visual depth has been achieved through clever manipulation of colours, and the artist used a controlled hand to apply smooth strokes and dabs of paint to the canvas. Shape outlines are smooth.

The painting is quite cerebral and requires thoughtful examination if meaning is to be drawn from it.

It is a ‘happy’ painting and the artist’s ‘signature’ lips appear in the middle of the bottom third of the painting. Lips play a role in non-verbal communication. What do the lips say to you?

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown. (Cleaned and framed.)

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