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Picnic at Cleveland No 2 (60.5 x 46 cm)

The artist loved to use cool, yellow-green colours in his paintings. In this seascape, the yellow-green coloured central section of the Cleveland picnic area, separates the foreground from the calm waters of Moreton Bay, where relaxed sailors enjoy the summer day.

Dappled light from the midday sun falls on the ground beneath the shady tree. A dog roams happily in the park and the picnickers are relaxing and absorbing the tranquil mood.

Quickly applied, overlapping dabs of multi-coloured paints were used to give a textured effect on the trees and their foliage. Attention has been paid to detail, and soft, grey ‘stippling’ across the entire canvas gives the painting a hazy appearance.

The painting is well-balanced and the artist captured ‘the way it was’.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown. (Cleaned and framed.)

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