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Private 23

In this crisp, fresh, textured painting of a lady sitting on a park bench, the artist has used the ‘rule of thirds’ structure. He has placed the lady just off centre in the central third, and she is the centre of focus.

The fair haired lady is framed by two darkly coloured, well-trimmed trees. The shapes of their branches are well defined suggesting that the park is well maintained. Dappled patches of light fall on the green grass beneath the trees, and they intermingle with the shaded areas. The trees in the background recede into the line of light, and their tops are painted in a lighter coloured green.

To add interest to the painting, the artist has placed a red roofed building in the mid-section. The red colour is in contrast to the vivid lime green of the nearby grass, and the red colour breaks any monotony in having too much of the same colour. In this mid-section near the building, a blue haze graduates into a grey-white sky. Grey tones are used on the chair and the trees, and they are spread around the canvas. This gives the painting a misty effect. The lighter tones offset the lady’s almost white dress, and the doves feeding in the foreground.

The artist has paid attention to detail and has given the lady blue eyes.

In this harmonious painting, the artist had a strong sense of the subject, and used a controlled hand to carry out delicate brushwork.

Compare this with Walk in the Park, The Park Bench and Lost in the Park in Anything Else in this collection.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown.

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