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The Christmas Shopper (24.5 x 29 cm)

This semi-abstract painting is thought provoking.

The interesting faces inside the baubles appear to be happy. They are different in colour, and possibly represent the many cultures that celebrate Christmas throughout the world. Yellow, the colour of joy and jubilation, has been used for the cross in the circle in the right hand central section of the painting.

Contrasting red and green colours are quite striking, and vivid yellow gives extra energy to the painting. Paint has been applied freely and smoothly.

Space has been created, as most of the circles have been placed to one side of the painting, and a vertical line separates them from the single shape on the left side. By placing the largest circle at the bottom of the painting, balance has been created.

This unusual painting has moderate cerebral impact upon the viewer.

Acrylic on Masonite. Date unknown, (Cleaned and framed.)

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