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The Guitarist (88 x 61 cm)

An interesting combination of triangular and diagonal formats has been chosen for this acrylic painting of a posing entertainer, a guitarist.

The strong combination of complementary colours, red and green, attracts the viewer’s eye, and leads to the soft, milky coloured face that comes as a surprise to the viewer. The detail of the guitarist’s hand, and guitar head with tuning pegs, is well done and reflects light. The body is well positioned in relation to the neck of the guitar.

There is energy in the painting, as a whole, because of the yellow colour used for the hair, guitar strap and the neck of the guitar. These three items hold the painting together.

Despite the transparent, grey tonal wash on the guitarist’s face, (that is closer to reality than the artist’s other portraits), the pasty colour balances the white on the light, at the top of the painting. The artist’s signature in the bottom left hand corner is the same colour, and by placing three similarly coloured spots on the canvas, the painting remains ‘fluid’. A deep blue-purple colour has been used as a backdrop, and it accentuates its complementary colour, bright yellow.

Smooth brush strokes have been used where necessary, and longer brushstrokes for the apparel. Shapes are neat and smooth. The almost invisible dots in the background are reminiscent of Vincent van Gogh’s ‘stars’.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown. (Cleaned and framed. Repaired, background enhanced during restoration.)

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