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Trevor (61 x 91 cm)

This painting of ‘Trevor’, the artist’s friend, (rumoured to be the person who introduced him to Christianity), is a favourite choice amongst viewers of his many paintings.

Despite theories about crossed arms, Trevor appears to be a relaxed and content person, with arms folded, loose collar, shoulders tipped and pleasant expression.

The artist has placed Trevor’s head slightly off centre to attract the viewer’s focus. He has included a circular item on the wall and used similar colours for Trevor’s face and hands and this helps balance the painting.

He has used off white brush strokes on his forehead, face and clothing to show that light enters from the left. Some enriching, darker blue and violet hues on the opposite side of the painting, and at the rear of Trevor’s head, indicate shadow and gives a three dimensional feel. Different sized brushstrokes, loaded with varying amounts of paint, and applied at different angles in the background section, help reduce the monotony that sometimes occurs when only one colour is used. Paint has been applied quickly and freely. Shape outlines are smooth.

Skin tones seem natural and the artist paid attention to facial and clothing details.

As the artist created several ‘pink’ paintings this may belong to his ‘rose’ period. Picasso had a distinct rose period and a distinct blue period and the rose colour in this painting may indicate that the artist was in a good place at the time of painting.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown. (Cleaned and framed. Signature missing, possibly under frame.)

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