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Young Cockerel (44 x 41 cm)

The artist enjoyed country life and loved creating colourful paintings.

This acrylic painting shows the artist’s strong sense of colour, as he expresses his observation of a proud, young cockerel. He has used a palette of cool yellow-green, and warm red-orange colours. Cool yellow-greens form over half the area of the painting, and can be seen in many of the artist’s paintings.

The orange and red colours used for the cockerel make him appear close to the viewer. Similar hues were used for the roof of the house in the distance, and this balances the overall structure of the painting. The cockerel’s soft, golden-red feathers are highlighted by a red comb that contrasts with the green plants.

The vivid colours used in the painting suggest it is early morning, when the sun is bright. Dabbing and ‘stippling’ of paint is very effective.

The strong angles of the timber in the building structure are in contrast to the smooth shape of the cockerel.

There is a cheerful mood to this painting.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown. (Cleaned and framed.)

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