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Young Mum (46 x 61 cm)

In this painting of a young mum, the artist used a controlled hand to paint neat line and form shapes. Then he filled the shapes with colour. The paint colours in this Cubism like composition are quite vivid, and they have been thinly applied.

Cool green and blue colours harmonise well with warm yellow and gold colours. Orange and blue are complementary colours, and they are placed opposite each other on the colour wheel. In this painting these colours are close to each other and interact favourably. They stimulate the viewer’s senses. The purple skirt that the young mum is wearing seems to flow as she walks, and this gives the painting a sense of movement.

Note the lips that are set in the young mum’s smooth, flesh like face, and how her hair falls softly over her left eye. Though the lips in this painting are synonymous with Cubism, it is worth nothing that the artist placed noticeable lips in many of his paintings. They can be regarded as one of his ‘signatures’. Lips are important to verbal and non-verbal communication.

The inclusion of a symbolic pink heart in this interesting painting, adds a feminine touch.

Acrylic on Masonite, date unknown, probably early career. (Cleaned and framed. Enhanced signature during restoration.)

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